Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weight loss challenge

So I got to thinking about ways to inspire myself to continue going to the gym and try eating healthier. So I decided to create a blog and hopefully inspire others to join me in getting healthier.
Oh by the way my name is Kim and Im a stay at home mommy with two wonderful kids. They sure keep me busy! I also have a wonderful husband that thinks I look great the way I am now. I weigh 248 and I'm 5 foot even so as you can tell I desperately need to loose over half of my body weight. I've been hitting the gym about 1 1/2 hours a day, Monday thru Friday since this past February and I'm still at the same weight I started at. I do feel tons better but I get so depressed thinking about how hard I work in the gym and see no weight loss. So come Monday my first challenge is to eat better and eat smaller portions along with working out at the gym.

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  1. Good luck with the weight loss Kimmy! I have recently reached a 25lb loss because I was on the Candida Diet for yeast overgrowth for 7 1/2 sugar, no dairy, , no yeast, nothing made with vinegar, very little carbs, etc. There was nothing I wanted to eat so I had 2 meals a day, which made me lose. Now I don't think the diet was helping me, so since yesterday I have been eating regularly and I'll be going back to Weight Watchers soon (I have been all along, but not counting points or anything). I hope I don't gain it all back!

    I have a health blog too if you wanna take a peek!